Gundam Unicorn Episode 3

Posted: Saturday, March 05, 2011 by Shaun in Labels: ,

Thanks to Leon for scoring me at tix to the screening of Gundam Unicorn Episode 3!

Highlights of the episode for me
Seeing Unicorn transform again (3 times!), more than justifies me scoring both versions of GFFMC Unicorn.

Delta Plus!

Unicorn taking control of Kshatriya funnels and turning them against Marida.

Newtype intercourse!

I think it was really awesome how unicorn raped neo-Zeon suits and even ripped off Sinanju's leg.

Somehow this episode had me drawing parallels with how General Ross hounds Bruce Banner which forces him to Hulk up. Replace Ross with Full Frontal and Bruce with Banagher and you'll see what I mean.

Many thanks to Bandai, BHG and Shengtai for bringing to us this screening of the third episode in the Gundam Unicorn trilogy!


  1. LEon says:

    the newtype intercourse is what i call cyber-sex. LOL