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1:6 Hot Toys Superman

Our dear fans, this Winter Hot Toys will be bringing you surprise from the highly anticipated SUPERMAN (1978) movie license! Long-awaited by fans from all over the world, we’ll launch the first-of-his-kind 1/6th scale collectible figure of this American superhero acted by notable artist Christopher Reeve!

Announcing this together is another great news, also much expected by our fans!

We now proudly announce our new Korean extraordinary artist Mr Arnie Kim to join the Hot Toys family! Taking the lead is the long-awaiting SUPERMAN project! We hope this unprecedented project and collaboration will bring to fans great excitement and anticipation! More exciting projects with outstanding characters will be coming soon! So please stay tuned with us for update!

First posted on 7 Jan 2010
Hot Toys Christopher Reeve Superman in 2010

Merely typing this post sends tingles down my spine.

Christopher Reeve as Superman

The news was announced by no less than Hot Toys' main man Howard Chan himself in the latest issue of Milk magazine and highlighted at Sideshow Freaks forum.

My wishlist of accompanying accessories for this figure includes:

1) Clark Kent head with removable glasses, hat, suit, trenchcoat and briefcase. If the hat will be oversized on his head, then give a head that comes sculpted with the hat, ala Sideshow's Indy, along with a hat accessory.

Christopher Reeve as Superman

Christopher Reeve as Superman

Hot Toys Superman

2) One Superman tee, similar to what came with Brandon Routh's Clark Kent for shirt ripping fun & poses.

Pantless Hot Toys Supes is sporting the tee I am referring to.

Christopher Reeve as Superman

Hot Toys Superman

Christopher Reeve as Superman

Alex Ross' Superman

3) A crystal and kryptonite.

Christopher Reeve as Superman

Christopher Reeve as Superman

I wouldn't be too unhappy if they skipped the last accessories in the list though. But the first two are a must!

Hot Toys Superman Returns was my very first Hot Toys figure in 2006, and I preordered without seeing the actual product. What a figure it turned out to be, for it's time.

Hot Toys Superman Returns

In my review then, I wished for a Hot Toys Christopher Reeve Superman. It's great when such dreams are realised.

When the Hot Toys 2-in-1 Superman Returns Version was released, I bought two of them...

Hot Toys Superman Returns

...along with Jor-El,

Hot Toys Superman Returns with Jor-El

I hope Hot Toys releases Jor-El in his black costume...

Marlon Brando as Jor-El it would be a nice accompanying figure to the first Hot Toys Jor-El...

Hot Toys Jor-El

...and a great sculpt which most likely opened the door to Hot Toys Don Vito Corleone.

Hot Toys Don Vito Corleone

For old times' sake, here's a look back at Hot Toys Superman 2-in-1 Version.

Hot Toys Superman 2-in-1 Version
That's no movie poster, it's an action figure

And the Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition DVD
Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition DVD

Really looking forward to this, hope it hits before the end of 2010.

Christopher Reeve as Superman


  1. neoconvoy says:

    looks like my Dark Knight movie batman will get some company.

  1. The Rebel says:

    YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Does it sound like a geek orgasm here? That's because it is!! LOL!)