1:6 Toys City Special Boat Service

Posted: Monday, July 19, 2010 by Shaun in Labels:

1:6 Toys City Special Boat Service

Scored this figure for the sole fact that it's a very cool headsculpt.

Wish it didn't have a smirk, but I can live with it. Don't really care much for the gear and it's just as well I didn't pay too much for it.

1:6 Toys City Special Boat Service

Do check out my 1:6 Guru's awesome review of the figure and it's equipment at his post on Toys City British Royal Navy Special Boat Service (SBS).


  1. thanks for the plug, Shaun ;P

  1. Shaun says:

    you're welcome my Guru, enjoy checking out your pix as always.

  1. WL says:

    Yup... saw this at Yellow Box on Sunday.. was deciding between this and DiD's Vasily...

    In the end, chose Vasily becoz I wanted to start off my WW2 collection..

    Still the HS on this piece is still great.. one of the better ones by Toys City IMHO...