My Fave Toys of 2009: Number 7 - Hot Toys Silken Floss

Posted: Friday, December 18, 2009 by Shaun in Labels: , ,

Hot Toys Silken Floss

Superhuman restraint was needed for fanboys to pass on Scarlett Johansson in one sixth scale, and I'm glad that I possessed none.

Her character appeared in a movie that was widely panned as rubbish (I felt it was a nice comedy), but you don't ever say no to Scarlett.

Hot Toys Silken Floss

See more pix of 1:6 Hot Toys Silken Floss, my number seventh favourite toy of 2009 here.


  1. Mohamad says:

    Wow, didn't expect her to be in your favorite toys list, as most people hate this figure :) but I like this action figure, not sure why they hated her so much (the af. I wish I have extra money, but I have to gave her up for Sheva T_T

  1. Shaun says:

    hey Mohamed, she's one of my fave actresses and I was smitten with her since the opening scene of lost in translation. So of course she had to make my list in the end. :)