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Posted: Friday, October 23, 2009 by Shaun in Labels: , ,

I intend to apply decals to PG RX-178 Mark II Titans when I'm done with it, but the kit only comes with dry transfers and stickers.

Samuel Decal 1/144 Psycho GundamSamuel Decal 1/60 RX-78
Samuel Decal 1/60 Zeta GundamSamuel Decal 1/60 RX-178 MKII Titans

Dry transfers offer no room for mistakes and stickers don't look that good. After consultation with Leon, he recommended that I give Samuel Decals' water slide decals a go.

Samuel Decals are based in HK and print a very wide range of Gundam decals. Here are the decals that I ordered from them.

Samuel Decal 1/60 PG RX-178 MKII Titans
Samuel Decal 1/60 RX-178 MKII Titans

Samuel Decal 1/144 Psycho Gundam
Samuel Decal 1/144 Psycho Gundam

Samuel Decal 1/60 PG RX-78
Samuel Decal 1/60 RX-78

Samuel Decal 1/60 PG Zeta Gundam
Samuel Decal 1/60 Zeta Gundam

Thanks to Samuel for being accommodating and allowing me to change the decal set for the Psycho Gundam. He took only two days to process the orders and ship it out from Hong Kong.

Samuel also sent an instruction sheet on how to apply the decals, which will be useful for noob modellers like me.

User Guide for Samuel Decal

Definitely top notch service!

As an aside, Samuel's great service surely contrasts to a recent order I made from Amazon on 7 September (It's estimated shipped date of 14 October has passed and Amazon asked me to wait till Nov 11 to report the loss before they consider shipping it again).

The wait for the item is fucking ridiculous cos I have received items within five days from US sellers previously, by paying only US$12 shipping.