Monopoly Deal & Risk Reinvention

Posted: Saturday, May 30, 2009 by Shaun in Labels:

I recently got to play these two games and strongly recommend giving them both a go.

Monopoly Deal

I played Monopoly with my wife, who's a big fan of the board game version. It didn't take us too long to figure out the rules of this card game version. In this version, the first player to collect 3 full, different coloured property sets wins. Basically, the concepts of the original board game are well and alive in this version, with the welcome addition of fun 'Action Cards' such as 'It's My Birthday', 'Debt Collector', 'Sly Deal', 'Forced Deal' and 'Deal Breaker' which can change the outcome of the game rather drastically, and sees you either gaining or losing propery and/or money when these cards are used.

We got through the game quite quickly as there were only two of us, and I'll just say that my wife was the happier one at the end and leave it at that.

Risk Reinvention

Risk Reinvention

I roped in my brother-in-law, Kim Leng, his wife, Jenet and my wife to give this game a shot. I've never ever played Risk before, so it helped that Kim Leng is quite a fan of the game and could explain the rules to us. I've always wanted to give it ago as I remember the cool TV commercials Parker Brothers used to run when I was a kid.

Since there were 3 noobs attempting this game, we decided to have a go at the basic training version, which serves as an introduction to Risk. The strategy involved in the game was engaging and losing territories does help alot in motivating you learn the rules quickly.

We took quite a while to get through the game and it was definitely good fun.

All in all, mucking around with both games was both an enjoyable and nostalgic trip.

If you're interested in giving them a shot, the games are available at Toys “R” Us and major department stores, at S$21.90 for Monopoly Deal Card Game (Shuffle Shaker) and S$64.90 for Risk Reinvention.