Free Comic Book Day at G&B Comics, Singapore

Posted: Friday, May 01, 2009 by Shaun in Labels:

Free Comic Book Day at G&B Comics, Singapore

It's back again, thanks to the fine folks at G&B Comics...

Do check out G&B's Free Comic Book Day page for more info about the event.

Here's what happened at G&B's 2008 Free Comic Book Day.

G&B Comics 2008 Free Comic Book Day

I'd highly recommend signing up as for G&B Comics membership as they have nice get togethers for members...

Watchmen Movie Screening
G&B Comics' Watchmen Movie Screening

Christmas Party
G&B Comics' Christmas Party

You also get quite a cool T-shirt...

G&B Comics Member T-Shirt

G&B Comics Member T-Shirt

...and a chance to get Brian Bolland to sign your copy of The Killing Joke on 13 August 2009!

I'll make my best effort to attend G&B Comics' Free Comic Book Day 2009 event at noon this Saturday.

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