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Via Wizard Universe,

Wizard 210 with Alex Ross' President Barack Obama's Cover

"March's Wizard #210 will celebrate the inauguration of 44th president Barack Obama with a cover by Alex Ross. To tie-in to the comic loving Commander-in-Chief's recent appearnace in issue #583 of Amazing Spider-Man, Wizard–in this 96-page Collectors' Edition issue–will feature a look back through all the presidential cameos in comics from Jimmy Carter in the "Dark Phoenix" saga to Ronald Regan's appearance in The Dark Knight Returns."

"With Barack Obama taking the oath of office as the 44th president of the United States, Wizard Entertainment proudly commemorate the groundbreaking occasion with a new cover for March's WIZARD #210 featuring superstar comic book painter Alex Ross' epic image of the nation's first African-American president!

The gorgeous painting of the new president pulling open his shirt in a Superman-esque pose has become one of the defining images of Obama for comic book fans, and WIZARD, teaming up with the legendary Ross, is thrilled to debut the image on its first magazine cover!

The 47-year-old Obama has already revealed he is a comic fan, listing Marvel's Spider-Man as one of his favorite characters. Obama's recent appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #583 has created a frenzy among retailers and at comic stores as part of the "Spidey Meets the President" bonus story. Multiple printings featuring Phil Jiminez's original Obama variant cover have sold out and Marvel is currently offering a fourth printing variant cover.

Wizard's Special PRESIDENT OBAMA COLLECTORS' EDITION will give fans a look back at the greatest presidential cameos in comics history, from Jimmy Carter's role in the "Dark Phoenix" saga to Ronald Reagan's role in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns! Expect this 96-page Collectors' Edition cover to be highly sought after by the same rabid Obama fans and supporters who snatched up copy after copy of the then-President-Elect's starring role in Amazing Spider-Man #583.

Orders for this very special WIZARD edition are being accepted until JANUARY 31, and it can be expected to sell out just as quickly as Obama's Marvel debut when it ships on February 25, so order now! "

I buy Wizard quite regularly and this will go nicely with the 1:6 figure that I have of the American President.

1:6 Obama Figure

The above figure originates from DID.

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