Middle-age Man with adidas Superstars

Posted: Thursday, February 12, 2009 by Shaun in Labels:

Spotted during lunch time.

Middle-age Man with adidas Superstars

Middle-age Man with adidas Superstars

With the unmistakable shell toes and in my favourite colourway, his kicks were much nicer than the slippers sported by the school going kids in the vicinity.

Before I left, I walked behind his table to verify the existence of the trefoil on the back of his shoes.

He is cool.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So .. are you going to kitbash him as well?

  1. Laurens says:

    that could well be the future u...LOL

  1. Anonymous says:

    Win already lor .. Shaun got any ah-pek headsculpt??

  1. Shaun says:

    @charlie: That's a great idea.

    @arthur: chubby bro, you're right, it could've been a case of present shaun meets future shaun.

  1. Respect to the Uncle.

  1. LEon says:

    He look like a business man uncle.

  1. That uncle is more stylo that me man! Probably more wealthy than me cos I spent so much on toys. Hee!Hee!