24 Inch Bruce Lee Cinemaquette

Posted: Wednesday, February 11, 2009 by Shaun in

Via neonpunch,

24 Inch Bruce Lee Cinemaquette

"This is your exclusive first look at the full body studio photo of the Bruce Lee Cinemaquette due up in the next few months.

Debuting at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con by Toynami, this 24″ representation of one of the greatest and most inspirational Asian celebrities has finally been done real justice in the Cinemaquette form.

This won’t be cheap, most Cinemquette’s run in the US$2000 range and are limited to only 1000 pieces worldwide, luckily they have an Asian distributor based in Hong Kong and you can email them now to get your name on a waiting list."

That's twice the size of the figures I currently collect and it looks like one for the Bruce Lee diehards.

Thanks to neonpunch for the heads up.

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  1. For a moment I thought that is photo of real Bruce Lee!

  1. Shaun says:

    the likeness quite spot on, eh.