1:6 The Dark Knight Collection

Posted: Thursday, January 01, 2009 by Shaun in Labels: , , ,

1:6 The Dark Knight Collection

I'm a group shot freak so the above pix comes naturally. I do hope The Dark Knight figures from Hot Toys end here as it's quite financially brutal.

Click on the following pix for more images of The Dark Knight related figures.

Kitbash Harvey Dent

Hot Toys Two-Face

Hot Toys Bat-Pod

Hot Toys Bank Robber Joker

Hot Toys Batman (The Dark Knight Version)

Hot Toys Joker

Hot Toys Batman (Original Costume)

Kitbash Bruce Wayne

Bandai Movie Realization Batman & Bat-Pod

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  1. Hey Shaun, have a great year ahead! I must say that the toy figures here look remarkably like the real actors themselves. Just watched Dark Knight on the plane (En route to America) which is where I catch most of the movies nowadays.

  1. Shaun says:

    Happy 2009 Walter and may God bless you and your family. The one thing about the toys featured is that the company that produces them does a great job on the likeness. I hope The Dark Knight rocked for you. :)

  1. Mizu says:

    *Darth Vader voice* Impressive.

    They didn't give a clean suit to go with Two-Face? That was stingy of them. :P