1:6 Suits

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1:6 suits

Ever since I started kitbashing, I've always been on the lookout for sixth scale suits that could come in useful whenever I need to kitbash a business man/mafia/secret service-type character.

Here's a quick run-through of the 1:6 suits I've collected to date.

Dr Figure

1:6 suits

They're quite easily available on eBay and their tailoring is ok for the suits, but not for the shirts, which has too much stray threads. Their ties tend to be short and the cutting of the jacket is abit too big, even on a Hot Toys True Type Body body, which is the one on the left. The black suit came with bell-bottomed pants, which is quite strange and limits leg movement.

The grey suit is fitted on an early BBI body (I'm not sure which version) and it seems to fit better. The shoes that came with the black suit are default ones, which are a different variety from the usual shoes that come with 1:6 suits, i.e., not laced, while the shoes that come with the grey suit were picked from somewhere else.

Toy Soldier

1:6 suits

They are very well-tailored, but the shirt collars and the jacket are slightly oversized. The ties pictured here are not the default ones, which are less shiny and come in red from the dark blue suit, and grey for the other suit. The best item from this set is the shoes which have laces and are of a nice shiny pleather material. The suits are fitted on Saturday Toys' S1 body.

Saturday Toys

1:6 suits

L-R: Saturday Toys Prison Wardrobe Suit with Hot Toys True Type Body, Saturday Toys Men's Suit Set 01A, Saturday Toys Men's Suit Set 01B and Saturday Toys suit from Eric So's James Dean with Hot Toys True Type Body.

I've always been a fan of Saturday Toys' tailoring and these suits contributed much to my opinion of their products. However, I feel that their suits look better on a Hot Toys True Type Body than Saturday Toys' own S1 body.

For more pix of the above figures using Saturday Toys' suits, click on the following pix.

1:6 suits

1:6 suits

1:6 suits

Here's another set of pix with Saturday Toys Men's Suit Set 01B on a Hot Toys True Type Body.

1:6 suits

I do have another set of suits that I used to kitbash Bruce Wayne, but at the time of posting, they're not widely available online and rather pricey.

1:6 suits

I'll be updating this post as and when I acquire new one sixth suits.

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  1. m says:

    Thanks for the round up for 1:6 suits, I just bought a true type body for my Bruce Wayne kitbash, and I think the ones you've used for the Bruce kitbash are the best... but yes, very pricey. I hope Hot Toys would also release 1:6 clothing sets similar to their modern Firearm series.

  1. Shaun says:

    Hi m, you're welcome, glad you enjoyed the post. I too hope that either HT or Saturday Toys release further clothing sets.