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Posted: Tuesday, October 07, 2008 by Shaun in Labels:

Via Singapore Comix,

"Several months ago, some of us were talking about building a Singapore comics community portal.

I finally got round to building a prototype a couple of weeks ago, just to test out an open-source wiki engine and figure out some ideas. I've decided not to go with this particular wiki engine -- it's very buggy and I can't do many things I want to do with the portal. For one thing, I can't do a listing of artists' thumbnails suggested by Sonny some time ago. So I'm just going to code the whole thing myself in PHP. An idea I have is to make the portal very social, and allow artists and writers to hook up and collaborate on projects and stuff.

You guys can have a look-see. It's not functional, but all the sections are there -- all those I can think of, anyway. Don't bother clicking on anything -- there's no content whatsoever.

I'd love to hear some ideas for what else might be good to have on the portal. It's meant to be community-driven." - JF

Here are some thoughts:

1) Get feedback from relatively high volume/active sites. I've plugged them here, here and here, hopefully they get some response from these forums.

2) I would like to see my favourite local comic artists included in this wiki, namely:

Daniel Wang

Benjamin Loh

3) Work out the editing duties for the Wiki. Moderation's a biatch and fact checking's a chore.

4) I would LMAO if Captain Pecker had an entry under 'Worst Ever Attempt at Creating an Unsustainable & Distasteful Comic Character'

5) I would be pleased to contribute my Free Comic Book Day '08 coverage to the site.

That's my rant, if you've anything to add to the development of Singapore Comics Wiki, do drop your comments off at Singapore Comix

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