DC Direct 13 Inch Green Lantern Corps

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DC Direct gives collectors a second chance at owning Hal Jordan, with a slightly modified costume, as well as potential GL Corps-building opportunities.

Here are the accessories that come with Hal.

The neck 'sheaths' that come with these three heads are made of a thin plastic material, and they simply slide over the default Hal Jordan neck. The material's rather fragile, but it was good of DCD to include them, as bits of Hal's flesh toned neck would be visible without the sheaths, which wouldn't make sense when either of the other three characters' heads are plugged on.

The fingers are bendy, but painted over, not cast in white, which means that the paint will eventually flake off due to moving the fingers.

The stand that's included in this figure (not pictured) is the generic DCD 13 inch one, with Green Lantern Corps imprinted on the base. Thankfully the figure is able to stand on it's own.

The head sculpts turned out quite good by DCD 13 Inch standards. I feel that the paintwork should be improved upon, as there's way too much slop for a figure of this price point. My Abin Sur's nose has a bit of paint chipped off, as I had to make a choice between that or a grossly lop-sided GL emblem.

Abin Sur

Tomar Re

Tomar Re's paint finish is much better, but stray smidges of paint on his right eye really shouldn't happen.


His head sculpt is my personal favourite as I like the translucent fins and gills. Can't fault the paintwork much as I can't tell whether the finish was intended as such.

He comes with a helmet that has a detachable cover to allow the head to be fitted in.

Hal Jordan

Hal's headsculpt is an exact reproduction of the first version. The paint used on his eye mask is different though as it comes across as more glossy.

Power Battery

The power battery works the same as the first one, with the only noticeable difference being the more circular handle. It seems that the handle on my piece may not have been aligned properly, which is slightly disappointing.

The body used is the muscular one that was used from the start of the line, no improvements or surprises to be had here. If DCD would ever listen, i.e., when hell freezes over, they could improve on the shoulder, bicep, wrist and thigh articulation.

Many thanks to reader Jason E. Austin for coming up with the idea of a John Stewart bash.

I feel the quality control on the paint work, the placement of the GL emblem and to some extent the tailoring (uneven threading at the left calf area of the costume) could be improved for this figure. Otherwise, this figure gives collectors a second shot at Hal Jordan, and I expect to see hardcore GL fans buying multiples of this figure to display all possible incarnations.

I've pix of the first release Hal Jordan here...

...and you check out more DC Direct 13 Inch figures pix by clicking on the thumbnails.


  1. IMO... DC Direct 13" sucks big time! I often wonder wat goes thru the mind of people who buys them... opps!

    Those extra alien heads are pretty cool, however with tat level of quality, I still dont think it warrants the retail price.

    Look around at Dragon afro HS, I recall there might be a better choice for John Stewart.

  1. Shaun says:

    knn! I will get TED to teach you a lesson, and it will be painful, Marcus!

    Yah, they're frickin over-priced, but addiction cannot be explained.

    Aiyah, the John Stewart was just for laughs lah, not gonna pursue that bash.

  1. Bracken says:

    The picture with the first version Hal and the current version standing next to each other (3070/2967552652_1785c06f82.jpg) the midsection torso and the thighs look distinctly different. Is that just the angle or...?

    It would be cool to see a pic of NautKeLoi all set up...


  1. neoconvoy says:

    cosmicbaby said...
    I often wonder wat goes thru the mind of people who buys them...

    i also wonder...

    Shaun said...
    knn! I will get TED to teach you a lesson, and it will be painful, Marcus!

    oh no...does it mean i hve to teach myself as well ??

    btw, the costume on this version looks better than the older one...did he wear both versions ?

  1. Shaun says:

    @bracken: it's the same body, just the angle.

    do check out this thread for NautKeLoi pix. Excellent Corps pix by brebro there.

    @TED: He did wear both: http://littlestuffedbull.com/images/comics/glactivitypage.jpg