Behind the Scenes at Hot Toys - JC Hong

Posted: Friday, September 19, 2008 by Shaun in Labels: , ,

Recall seeing the name 'JC Hong' at the back of the package of your Hot Toys figure? Hot Toys lets us in on this man, and shares his personal take on one of the most eagerly anticipated figures this year.

As Chief Paint Art Director, JC's role sees him painting prototype headsculpts and ensuring the paintjobs on the finished products matches the prototype, which is why we're rarely disappointed by the final product that we get from Hot Toys. Prior to his role at Hot Toys, JC received acclaim as a talented collectibles painter, and was seen as a mentor by many of his peers in Korea.

Here's JC's own take on the Bank Robber Joker headsculpt.

Do note that we won't be seeing this paintjob on the final product that we get, but if anything, it really does show the strength of the sculpt of this figure. To achieve this sculpt on the mass produced figures will not be possible due to technical limitations, but Hot Toys is constantly looking for ways to improve their techniques and products.

Also, check out JC's blog as he'll be showcasing his personal paint masterpieces in the near future.

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  1. Joshua says:

    Awesome post shaun!

    the headsculpt is speechlessly fantastic. the whole grundgy sweat smudged look.

    pity we can't have his exact paintwork on all jokers that we'd get for the bank robber version though.

  1. Shaun says:

    Thanks Joshua, though I must admit that it was just a quick rewrite of the press release Hot Toys sent out.

    It's really cool what JC did with this and yes, I agree it's a pity that we can't have this, though I do understand that it'd be impossible to ensure that each and every head replicates this version exactly.