Playhouse US Marine Gear Set 2.0

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As this is my very first boxed, complete military figure purchase, I thought it'd be good to document the steps involved in gearing up this figure. Do point out anything that can be improved upon, or refitted, in the comments section of this post.

This set comes with a fair amount of gear, though I wish they'd thrown a backpack in.

These are the different components that make up his weapon.

And here's the assembled M4A1 Sopmod Rifle W/ACOG RCO Scope.

Here's how the front, side & back SAPI(Small Arms Protection Inserts) plates fit into the vest.

The coolest accessory of this set would be the modular admin pouch that does look like much at first glance...

But when opened up, the details in the pouch are very nicely done. It'd be a nice additional touch if two pens and a map of sorts was added to the set. Otherwise it looks like it could double-up as a toiletries pouch.

The neck protector can be added to the vest as desired, and here's how it looks when it's attached.

Now with the side SAPI plate carriers, neck guard and modular admin pouch added to the vest, the next item would be the magazine pouches and the camelback.

This pix of the camelback gives you an idea of how all the pouches fit on to the vest. It's a damn tedious process that is alleviated by the use of pincers.

The magazine pouch comes with sponges to fill out the pouch, should you somehow not want to place the M4A1 magazines in the pouch.

As loading your weapon with sponges will hardly impress the enemy, I placed the magazines in the pouch.

The small arms magazine pouch does come with sponges of any sort, so I placed the relevant mags into the pouch.

The final two additions to the vest include a side pouch on the SAPI pouch...

another pouch which holds cylum sticks, attached to the camelback...

...along with the comms set.

Here's the vest fitted with the magazine pouches and comms set.

To complete the load out, I added the SAW pouch to the low drag suspenders system.

You've a choice of a boonie hat (pictured) or a normal cap for his headgear.

Finally, the figure's fitted and ready to go.

For an idea of the articulation the S1 body provides, do check out this post.

It was a tedious process, but I'd good fun kitting this figure out. Some things that bugged me include the baggy uniform and lack of elbow and knee guards. It'd be cool if Playhouse threw in another weapon and perhaps a backpack, instead of the camelback. Overall, it's a good first offering for a complete figure from Playhouse and I shall be looking forward to their next release.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Superman, your blog continues to amaze me with fresh pictures everyday.

    And today I'm quite surprised to hear this was your "very first boxed, complete military figure purchase." How did you procure your other 1/6 figures then?

  1. Shaun says:

    hi stiletto-kills, Superman? :)

    My other 1/6 military figures were largely pieced together from parts from Very Hot, Saturday Toys and Hot Toys, so I never got a complete boxed HT military fig before. Hope that clarifies.

    Nice blog btw.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought the folks at foyers call you Superman, or did I get the wrong person? :P

  1. Shaun says:

    I'm a big fan of your other blog and admire your dedication, investigative and photography skills.

    In response to "Shaun collects toys, yes, but I don't think he has barbies and other feminine dolls. At least I have never seen it in his blog. :P"...

    While they may not come across as quite feminine, I do collect dolls of the comic book variety. :)
    Wonder Woman
    Mary Jane
    Cat Woman
    Power Girl

  1. Icemoon says:

    I saw your cat woman and remember reading it on your blog a long long time ago. So I stand corrected - you do collect dolls of the feminine variety. :)

    I also collect CY girls, but sadly their clothes don't last. The rubber suit for Blaze had decomposed and the one on Honey is starting to peel.

    For some funny reason, even the webbing/field pack on my Dragon figures had changed color.

    LOL .. don't tell me I have to get a dehumidifier cupboard.

  1. Shaun says:

    quite selective on the fem figs, thought the increased availability of ZC girls figures are quite tempting. Check with tfh. :)

    Have a few CY Girls too, got them on clearance way back in 02 IIRC for abt $10 each. They're one of the coolest figs ever, but yes, the clothes are useless in our climate. I'm expecting the same thing to happen to my Tak catwoman too.

    I'd never tell you to get a dehumidifier cupboard, that's something TED would do. He previously suggested that I get a wine chiller to store my 12" figs.