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Entertainment Earth

Transformers Superlink/Energon is one of my favourite Trannies toy lines as most of the Autobots can copulate combine with each other. It is also one of the modern TF toylines that survived my culling a few years back when I got all Gundam crazy and needed another source of funds for a different hobby.

It also saw updated versions of the beloved Combiners, namely Superion, Bruticus and Devastator. Bruticus and Devastator have Japanese names which sound cooler, but only true trannies fanboys like TED would be able to recall them.

Time permitting, I would like to snap pix of the Trannies Superlink toys that are currently taking up valuable display real estate and then archive them in my storeroom.

If that ever happens, all well and good. For the moment, here's Superlink's Starscream.

I recall reading that this version sports design elements very similar to G2's version, in terms of transformation.

The weapons also fit on the wings in some kind of an attack mode.

And both the blaster and the sword combines to form a huge-ass sword which looks very fun for Starscream to play with and slash Autobots or even Megatron.

It's a fun toy to fiddle around with, and the weapons rock. However, the shoulder/arm transformation bit tends to result in the shoulders scraping against each other, hence the ugly paint scrapes you see in the above pictures, especially on the left shoulder.

Entertainment Earth

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