TakaraTomy Kerberos Saga Panzer Cop Kouichi Todome

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I know f-all about Jin Roh, so here's Wiki's explanation as usual.

I passed on this figure back in '06 when the first version was released. It had a different headsculpt but the same armour and weapons. It looked really good to me then.

Since TakaraTomy kindly decided to reissue the figure recently, albeit in two versions with the only differentiation being the headsculpts, I didn't want to miss out this figure which I know nothing about, except that it looks really cool.

The packaging does a good job in NOT informing you about the figure inside. Some retailers tend to wrap these figures in plastic, so casual browsers will have fun wondering what's in the box.

The package is made up of two sections, one for the figure itself, and the other for accessories, which is pretty much standard fare for 1/6 figures. What isn't a standard throughout sixth scale products' packaging, but should be, is the magnetic closures to keep both sections together. Sideshow's done this with their Star Wars figures, so it's no biggie, but it sure beats troublesome velcro.

No troublesome twist ties to deal with when removing the figure from the box, not even excessive tape to secure the figure in it's plastic tray, which should be something DC Direct should consider for their 13" line. Cos though their figures' base bodies are rubbish, I still get slightly excited when releasing the figures from their packages, and twist ties and tape are kill joys.

Looks like a load of accessories, but you'll use most of them up by the time Kouichi's kitted up.

Kouichi looks like a nice Japanese salaryman, slightly boyish with very nice cheekbones. The previous sentence veered on being ghey, so you decide whether you like his headsculpt or not.

If you don't, then either get his partner, Soichiro Toribe or use the masked head instead when displaying him.

He comes with shades which I initially thought I'd damaged when trying to fit them.

Thankfully the temple fits back into the frame. 1:1 frames should work like this too, saving parents and rough people alot of money.

Having learnt this, I would advise against getting Kouichi to flip his shades at will ala Ethan Runt from Mission Impossible.

Here's parts of the armour which were already fitted on, straight out of the box.
There must be official terms for the following items, but I'm naming them as I go along.

I think the boots are one of the funkiest bits about the figure.


Crotch Guard

Chest Plate

Fanny Pack

Back Pack Mount

I started kitting him out by fitting his holster and pistol on his skirt.

Then added his backpack...

...and round dispenser.

Following the Japanese instruction sheet, I slotted the stick which seems to be either a futuristic taser or cattle prod into the allocated slots on the round dispenser. Be careful when doing this as the slots are pretty tight and you'll end up scraping paint of the taser/cattle prod like I did.

Next, I added the shoulder pauldrons.

Almost getting there...

Then the shield to the left gauntlet.

To ready the weapon for use, you'll have to fit the rounds to the automatic weapon, then to the round dispenser.

If you really like his face, you can display him like this.

If you think he isn't that good looking, you can add the shades.

If you think he's fugly or bought the wrong figure cos you mixed up the names of the characters, go for the masked option.

Start with these items.

Fit the balaclava on the blank head...

If you like Darth Vader, the next steps will be familiar.

Mask goes on...

...then the helmet.

Plug and play, baby!

This is one damn cool looking toy. I haven't played with it much and the articulation does feel limited by the outfit. This figure is using the same body as Takara Batman Begins so it's supposed to be well-articulated. I was initially thinking of keeping him back in the box immediately after taking him out for some pix, but perhaps I'll leave him on display for a bit.

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  1. Lest I sound like the total perv I am... what's his body like under all that stuff? (I've never actually seen a takra/tomy male body...just the girls)

    Is it any competition for the Hot Toys body?

    (and great shots as usual!)

  1. Shaun says:

    Hi Erica, no worries about the question, as you know I've no issues with posing toys naked. I don't have any shots of the body that I took myself, but I've found the promo image from Takara at this link.

    As I haven't and most prob won't be stripping it down and played with it, I can't really comment how it measures up to Hot Toy's Ture Type though, sorry.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the pix!

    I already have the Dragon version. And just like you, I bought the Dragon version knowing nothing from the characters except for the fact that they look cool. While I have no doubts that the Takara version is way better than the Dragon version, I have not yet made up my mind whether to get one... especially since I'm saving for the Dark Knight line from Hot Toys.

    By the way, do you know if Takara would be making their version of Dark Knight?

  1. Shaun says:

    hi m, you're welcome.

    I'd be storing all my cash for the TDK figs from Hot Toys if this weren't a priority.

    Haven't read anything for takara yet, but personally hoping that they don't, as HT's range more than covers TDK.

  1. Looks like Darth Vader had a baby with one of his Stormtroopers.

  1. Shaun says:

    that is quite disturbing.

  1. Anonymous says:

    the cattle prod/taser is the spare barrel for the gun, the barrel does swivel out for you to switch it, though it's unnecessary and not advisable as you risk breaking the gun body.

    One thing to note with this figure, the hose on the mask will definitely start to split at the segmented lines, if u leave the mask on.

    I have both the 1st jinroh by takara, as well as the HT truetype. I have to say the GenXCore beats the TT body hands down, but since I don't have any pics to prove my claim, you'll just have to take my word for it =D

    Doesn't look like Takara has any plans to roll out TDK anytime soon, but more releases from their Cool-girls line coming soon. After CG-13 and Xixox2, there's Doronjo from Yatterman, if anyone knows who that is. I didn't, lol

  1. Kenny says:

    Saw this at TFH and was really really tempted to get one. But sadly, I already blew my budget for the month.

  1. Shaun says:

    do snag it if next month's budget allows. I missed out on the first piece and really regretted it, so this reissue was a must for me.

  1. Shaun says:

    thanks for the advice on the figure, Hadrian, much appreciated.

  1. Anonymous says:

    That model is seriously awesome! Just a quick FYI, though, his weapon is an MG-42 machine gun, deployed by German Army (Wehrmacht) Forces from mid-1944 until the end of World War II. Just thought that might be cool to know. :-)

  1. Shaun says:

    Michael, many thanks for the info, much appreciated. :)

  1. Tay Hwah says:

    Shaun, awesome Jin-Roh! You might wanna look into buying metal chain linked bullets for his MG-42. A bag of 50 bullets should cost around $15 and 2 bags of the bullets give u a nice belt of ammo. Since it's metal, it hangs nicely when u have it linked to the Cylindrical Ammo Piece.


    Tay Hwah