Viva Espana!

Posted: Monday, June 30, 2008 by Shaun in Labels:

"His armband proved he was a Red, Torres, Torres
'You'll Never Walk Alone' it said, Torres, Torres
He won the Euro for sunny Spain, he chipped the ball over Jens Lehman
Fernando Torres, Espana's Number 9"

Great to see him cap his personal (not Liverpool's of course) excellent season by helping his nation lift the Henry Delaunay Cup. It was disappointing to see him miss sitters time and time again throughout the tournament but thakfully he scored where it mattered.

Ballack was bollocks, whinging all over the pitch, reminiscent of Liverpool's Mascherano.

To the Starhub Euro interviewee in the street who didn't want Spain to win cos he didn't like Torres, tough.

To the supporter in the club who was rooting for Brazil in this Euro, you are brilliant.

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  1. Nice victory over Germany ;)