Singapore Toy & Comic Convention - Top 5 Personal Highlights

Posted: Saturday, June 28, 2008 by Shaun in Labels: , , , ,

5) Meeting up with friends

4) Making new friends

Toysrevil and some random fan.

3) Purchase dilemmas

2) Scoring a media pass

1) Scoring a signed To-Fu Oyako for my sister who loaned me her camera (great camera, rubbish photographer) for the day.

Together with TED's signed toy.

I am thankful that we've finally an official toy & comic convention to call our own. Kudos to Play Imaginative for organising this event for us fanboys/girls.

While stuff that I personally collect wasn't as well represented as I'd liked, I did have fun attending the convention and think it's a great step forward for the creative, toy & comic collecting community alike.

I hope the event achieves excellent visitorship numbers which will make future conventions feasible, and even bigger and better.

Do drop by tomorrow or Sunday, depending on the programmes or artists you fancy. Ah, and there's the matter of the exclusive Singapore Toy & Comic Convention Medicom Bearbricks.

Happy queueing!

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  1. 'm says:

    omg. first pic is so loving. <3

    my highlights:
    1. hanging out with frens, old & new
    2. talking to Bernard @ GnB
    3. buying discounted comics (1USD=1SGD) @ MPH
    4. checking out Stikfas Black Ops

  1. 'm says:

    day 2 highlights:

    1. Sonny Liew sketching & autographing my Re-gifters book
    2. seeing Shaun's SDU kitbash figures come to life <3