How to Become a Pro Wrestler

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Useful article from WikiHow, pictures of Arthur, Pro Bro and Johnson.

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Get your head in the game.

Wrestling as a business is an equally physical, mental, and social pastime. Before breaking into the business, you should follow the following path.

1. Understand that wrestling isn't "fake".
  • Professional wrestling is not fake; It's not scripted either; the correct term is choreographed. The whole match is not scripted; only the big spots are. There is no way to fake a fall or get hit in the head with a metal object.

  • Many amateurs go into a wrestling school thinking that they won't get injured or the ring protects you from any harm. This is not true.

  • The more you watch, the more you learn. Even the most seasoned veterans watch tapes of wrestling matches to learn how their opponents work and to get new ideas.

2. Learn to fight.
  • Knowing what it takes to win a real fight can make your future wrestling matches more realistic.

  • As stated above, sometimes things get out of hand and your only option will be to fight back, but don't actually hurt the other person. Just stay on the offense so that they will get in the right mind set again.

3. Get in shape.
  • Wrestling is an extremely athletic activity. While you don't need the body of a world class athlete, you must have strong cardio to prevent "blowing up" early into your matches.

4. Forget your 'gimmick'.
  • Once you learn the basics and mechanics of a wrestling match, you can begin to develop a character. Remember that promoters may refuse to hire you for any reason, including your inability to portray a different character than the one you created for yourself.

Get trained

Now that you've gotten the correct mindset, get some professional help from an experienced trainer.

1. Shop around.
  • Most independent promotions have several wrestlers that are willing to train new wrestlers, but this training will most likely not come for free. It is not uncommon for a wrestling gym to charge over $100 a day.

  • Travel your state and find a wrestler that fits the style you want to wrestle in. Try to talk to the promoter of the company and let him/her know that you are interested in becoming a wrestler. Some promoters are nicer than others. While pro-wrestling can seem to be just like any other community-theatre, many "insiders" are not fond of letting new people into the business.

  • If you are rejected, take it in stride. Continue coming to shows or perhaps ask to help with the technical aspects of running the show or working on the security team. As wrestlers and promoters get to know you, they will be more open to talking and allowing you to train.

  • If you do not know where to find a local independent promotion, visit websites such as and and search for results within your state.

2. Be respectful
  • Your trainer and all other wrestlers have gone through everything you are. Listen to them and learn from their experiences.


  • Never stop watching wrestling from both a wrestler's perspective and a fan's perspective. It is common for wrestlers to "call out" moves or sets of moves simply by the name of the person who created that spot. If you don't know the history of the business well enough, you may miss out on some of these important communications.

  • Prepare to play the game. Wrestling is extremely political, be prepared to play with the big boys.

  • Use two ears and one mouth.

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