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Posted: Wednesday, April 16, 2008 by Shaun in Labels: ,

Seen the new National Library sites at and

I usually use NLB's website to locate resources for work and study as well as check on the availability of graphic novels. I quickly browsed through both sites and am glad that the features I use the most are still available and easily searched.

I found the ASK service that was previously provided very useful time and time again, and it's great that its easily searchable on Clicking on Ask brings me straight to Reference Point where I can key in my question into an online form.

I think it's good that they've included a field where the user can indicate the Information Level, which I believe will determine the depth of information provided. Customised. Nice. Do give the ASK/Reference Point service a go if you haven't already. I found it useful in both my work and studies, as the team manning the service answers promptly and relevantly.

From my positive experience with NLB's ASK service, I'd recommend sending your resource queries to them.

Em first clued me in way back in 04/05 that the National Library was building up quite a decent graphic novel collection. I always enjoy the Double Your Lending promos, which sees me stocking up on DC Archives. I remember complimenting Ivan on the cool graphic novel collection the library was building up, the very first time I met him. I've been telling friends ever since to check out the library's collection, with the most notable convert being Best Pal. So naturally, I checked whether locating my fave sort of books would be in cinch, in the new website.

I tried searching for my fave comic artist's Alex Ross works in and here are the results...

Quite a decent collection, IMHO. To learn more about Alex Ross, I'd recommend loaning Mythology and Wizard: The Alex Ross Special (not available for loan at the point of writing, but quite worth the wait).

From an on/off graphic novel collector's point of view, I'd strongly recommend checking whether the NLB has them through either of their websites if you'd like to try a particular comic before you buy.

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  1. Ivan Chew says:

    Hey Shaun, thanks for the plug on the sites and the graphic novels. BTW, have you discovered about the Reminder Service? Now extended to include reminders via SMS, and also electronic receipts (via reminders) when you have returned your items.

  1. Shaun says:

    you're welcome Ivan. We're fortunate to be able to borrow cool books from our libraries, so its worth a shout out. Nope, haven't tried the reminder service but will give it a go after you've mentioned it. Makes more sense than constantly referring to the printed receipts. thanks for the headsup.