Medicom Dragonball Z Son Goku Poll

Posted: Wednesday, March 12, 2008 by Shaun in Labels: ,

And the results of the Medicom Dragonball Z Son Goku Poll conducted for a week on this site showed that...

You guys don't really like Medicom at all! I do hope they work on improving the quality of the plastic they use for their figures, as it isn't a nice feeling getting heart palpitations every time I try to pose a Medicom figure.

For those who've experienced unfortunate incidents (e.g., shelf dives, breakages) with their Medicom figures, this thread may come in useful.

Let's look at Goku again.

Medicom RAH Dragonball Z Son Goku

Medicom RAH Dragonball Z Super Saiyan Son Goku

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  1. JuN says:

    lolz...actually it is typical Medicom's way to do a mail away exclusive figure with some repaints and little difference.

    Trust me, u will be used to that if u collected Kamen riders.

  1. Shaun says:

    no issues with the mail away Jun, its just the wait that kills. Also hope they improve on their plastic's quality soon.

  1. Imit K says:

    I think that there's no way to pack the super saiyan suit and head with the normal Goku as the skin tone for the body and super saiyan head is different. Another thing is the body used for these two figures and the Fist of the North Star figures are totally different from the normal RAH301 body. Not too sure if they will use the same plastic as the RAH301 though... lucky thing i am not a Dragonball Z fan... :)

  1. Shaun says:

    thanks for enlightening on the differences, imit k. Nice medicom maul score recently on your end. :)