DC Direct 13 Inch Green Lantern Corps

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EDITED on 24/10/2008: Pix of Green Lantern Corps figure are now available.

The official pix are out.

Hal Jordan returns to the Corps!

This deluxe collector figure is the first in this popular line to include interchangeable heads!

Hal Jordan is back sporting his classic Green Lantern costume! This sought-after 1:6 scale figure comes with brand-new, interchangeable heads of Tomar Re, Abin Sur and a never-before-seen, helmet-clad alien Corpsman named NautKeLoi, allowing you to create a total of FOUR Green Lanterns! The figure comes clothed in an intricate and authentically detailed classic Green Lantern fabric costume, complete with character-appropriate accessories and a display stand.

INCLUDES ALTERNATE HEADS: Tomar Re, Abin Sur and NautKeLoi.

Packaged in a deluxe 4-color window box with a fifth panel.

Abin Sur

Tomar Re

Kung Hei Fatt ChoyNautKeLoi

Damn, it'd be way cool to display all four figs together, but extremely expensive, given the US$100 price tag.

For pix of the first Hal Jordan, check this.

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