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Posted: Wednesday, March 05, 2008 by Shaun in Labels:

My friend, Jack, recently had an unpleasant experience with a local online shop. Here's what he said, verbatim.

"My personal bad experience with them was that i have placed a few orders for several items with them after i have been to their site and saw the items they have for sale and the price that was listed on their site for each item.. The prices they listed there was quite attractive and i proceeded to place my orders with them, for me i always buy 2 pcs of everything as i like to have one pc MIB and the other for display..

They confirmed my orders and trusting them on their prices quoted on their site, i didn't check with them on the confirmed prices and a few days later, they told me to pay up for the items and they give one total price for all the items i have ordered which i almost paid up until i realised something seemed to be wrong with the price i was quoted and so i asked him for a price break down of all the items and to my surprise, all the item prices went up and when i asked about the discrepancy in the prices from what was listed on the site and what was charged to me, u know what they did? They immediately went to raise all the prices on their site and told me off. This is what they said : "We stand by the price we charged you and prices are subjected to changes due to market demands and we reserve the right to change prices without notice, if you can't afford, then don't buy, we can always do with one less customer like you who can't take price hike but let me remind you this, the items you ordered are already out of stocks at most of the shops and so if you don't get from us, you will not be able to get it elsewhere anymore, don't come back crying to us if you chose to cancel the orders".

I was so damned pissed as i don't mind paying a bit more but once a price is quoted, it should be honoured, right? And what more, they raised the prices without telling people and almost duped me into paying for everything, if you wish to raise price, at least tell me first...Still so incensed with it.."

I'm glad Jack checked before he overpaid for more than what he agreed on. IMHO, the online business was rude in their reply to him, and they could've dealt with the matter better. As you've read, Jack buys doubles of figures he likes, so its really their loss. If they'd dealt with him honestly and politely, they could've gained a customer who'd vouch for their service, effectively a customer evangelist, which is what a fledging business needs.

They've been cautioned in toy forums for flogging their services inappropriately as well. And that they've been participating in forums, plugging their shop rather actively.

Thing is, we collectors are a connected bunch and we look out for each other. If a retailer treats one of us in such a manner, other collectors get to hear about it, and passes the information on. Which really doesn't auger well for the business as word-of-mouth is most potent online.

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  1. Kenny says:

    Wow, that is ridiculous. Reading this from their blog, you couldn't tell that response was from them.

    Thanks for sharing this experience, I was thinking of getting some stuff from them and now I think I had better look elsewhere and save myself the experience of unexpected price hikes.