Book: Chinese Playthings 1894 - 1980

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Via Museum of Shanghai Toys' blog...

"What I want to recommend to you guys now is a book, a “BOOK” which spend me more than 7 years to write. What book is this and what so special? This is the world’s 1st book which talked about Shanghai Toy Industry from late Qing Dynasty to Cultural Revolution, is also a book for anyone who like toys and the history of Shanghai for the past 100 years."

"Toys are epitomes of the various historical eras, they can reflect the cultural level, economic strength, arts mastery and creativity of a country.

The modern toy industry of China began in the early 20th century in Shanghai, during the late Qing Dynasty. During the past 100 years of development, the toys of China has already developed from folk toys to tin toys of the 20s and the 30s, battery operated toys of the 60s, voice activated toys of the 70s and 80s, up till the present day 21st century computer games and toys.

Although China has been known as the largest toy manfacturer and exporter in the world now, yet for the past 100 over years, the development of the China Toy Industry has not been smooth sailing. From the Patriotic Campaign of the 1910s to the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s, each era has left the historical mark on every toy of old Shanghai. And this is what made my book is interesting, not only for toy lovers, but also for anyone who like to know more about the Shanghai history."

Read more here.

I personally appreciate the educational value of Marvin's museum, and admire the passion he has for his work. Would be a good idea to check out his museum and buy the book. :)



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