Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008

Posted: Friday, January 18, 2008 by Shaun in Labels: ,

Via 0ne's blog,

Hell yeah! We're gonna get our very own Toy/Comic Con in Singapore!

The point of the video above is to simulate squeals of joy I just heard from fellow fanboys.

Happening from 27 - 29 June at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, it's organised by play imaginative (Check their flickr).

0ne fills us in on more info bout it here.

Nice one, STB.

Wonder if we (our market) warrants any convention exclusive. Up for a group outing my brudders?

Join in the discussion at sgcafe, hobbyhype and sgcollect.

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  1. neoconvoy says:

    wee ooo wee ooo wee wee wee ooo....

  1. KENNY says:

    Oh yay!

  1. Shaun says:

    glad best pal proved my point.

    and kenny, hell yeah!

  1. JuN says:

    way cool!
    Lets hope it will be a smashing success!