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Posted: Friday, December 07, 2007 by Shaun in Labels: , ,

Apologies for the long absence, was busy battling Balrogs.

Due to the lack of new purchases and terminal reticence setting in, I've been reduced to perusing online stores/ebay (mostly) for cool stuff to snag.

And here's what I'm eyeing.

1:6 Camera
I've four cameras (1 set of duplicates) already, but another one with a strap and that's dismantable wouldn't hurt. We may just be seeing this here in Singapore these few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled my sixth scale bros and give us a headsup if you spot this.

1:6 Adidas Superstars
Some brave bugger actually used adidas' logo on the shoes, which come with laces. Too cool, but costs about S$20 a pair, with shipping. If I actually plonked down cash for it, I'd probably just display it. Seller has some mighty fine sixth scale sneakers, if the price doesn't put you off.

Navy Seal Baghdad
The accessories are decent, but the going rate for this figure is a tad high at about S$130.

Of course the main draw for me would be the headsculpt, which brings us to the final figure...

Detective David Mills
Which also goes for about the same price as the above, if you're lucky. If not, here's an estimate of what you'd be paying for the original and knock off. Ironic innit?

Fresh out of the package, he emerges with a crotch grabbing pose

Best thing bout this set? Extra head = Bashing possibilities!

If I ever get me hands on this fig, the first thing I'd do is renact that amazing scene from se7en. Y'know, the one where he finds a tranny's head in a box. Beautiful.

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