10 Fave Toys of 2007

Posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2007 by Shaun in Labels: , , , , , , , , , ,

This list comprises of toys that I got this year, which were not necessarily released in 2007. Some of the toys are items I've eyed for a while and finally committed to buying them this year. I've listed the toys in roughly chronological order of their acquisition. I'm not naming my favourite toy of the year in this list, cos the latest toy I get always holds my utmost attention (till I've photographed it).

DC Direct 13" Green Lantern
Too much has been said about Hal here, so I won't go on about how essential this figure was to kickstart my 13" Justice League. Pity bout the pansy pinky.

Very Hot SDU
The Very Hot sets got me started on collecting military sixth scale stuff, as they provide a cheap alternative to high-end brands like Hot Toys. To date, I still do not own a Hot Toys military figure. Shame.

Newray 1:6 Vespa
I'd seen photos of this online and was pleased to find it available in Singapore. It's a damn funky ride, as all my sixth scale figs can attest to.

Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Terminator Endoskeleton
There I was in Hong Kong in May mulling over which toy to buy. Thank goodness I decided on this in the end.

Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Jack Sparrow
As I kept checking out photos of him online, I knew I had to get him. Thanks to Roy for securing one piece for me at the eleventh hour (end of preorder).

SDCC Exclusive Alternators Rodimus
Saw him by chance one day at Suntec TRU. Called Best Pal who always wants Trannies and decided to pick one up for myself, being a long time since I bought an Alternator. Good choice we didn't hesitate cos late comers could only... look on in envy.

Medicom Spawn
A gift from a friend, this is THE spawn figure to own.

Transformers Movie Bumblebee
Resistance was ultimately futile. Turned out to be a really fun toy and I geeked out transforming him while watching the DVD.

Bandai SIC Movie Realization Spiderman 3
I'm proud to say that this was the only 6" figure I bought this year. Some may hate the stylised SIC treatment but its all good with me.

Medicom Boba Fett

Hey, its Boba Fett.

From Star Wars.

Do let me know if you've a list of faves for 07, would be cool to check it out.



  1. neoconvoy says:

    it's tough to have a top 10 list with the amount of crap i get, but i'll see if i can come up with one.

  1. Shaun says:

    Please do best pal, at very least, maybe a comparison photo of your room 10 years ago and your warehouse today?