More Pix of Hot Toys Superman Returns & Jor El

Posted: Thursday, October 25, 2007 by Shaun in Labels: , ,

Pix from Hot Toys Chatterbox.

Based on this pix, we may well be getting the following with this figure:

1) Hot Toys Body
2) Superman Head
3) Clark Kent Head
4) Superman Costume
5) Clark Kent Attire
6) Clenched fists
7) Bendy hands

I think at the purported price, they probably dropped the trenchcoat that comes with the first CK fig. It'd be bloody awesome if they could include the Superman tee that came with CK. If so, I'd highly recommend purchasing one of the Hot Toys True Type bodies, preferably one with a fairer skin tone...

Plug the CK head and voila! you'll be able to pose your CK and Supes side by side.

Not much of a loss if you decide not bash an extra CK fig in the end, as its a pretty poseable figure.

I think Brando looks great, the Supes headsculpt looks like an improvement, but Clark looks like a retard. Which is damn sad.

So when are the official pictures turning up on your site, Hot Toys?

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