Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Superman Returns / Clark Kent & Jor El Official Photos

Posted: Monday, October 29, 2007 by Shaun in Labels: ,

Finally, official pix from Hot Toys. Damn, looks like we won't be getting the extra supes shirt as in the first CK release, based on the item description.

This set comes with:
- 12 inches high Superman action figure with new sculpted head**
- Additional business suit as Clark Kent’s costume including white shirt, tie, jacket and pants with a pair of brown shoes
- Additional new sculpt Clark Kent figure head featured with glasses**
- A pair of interchangeable hand
- Display base with the SUPERMAN RETURNS logo and a SUPERMAN nameplate
- Limited production run**

Jor-El's looking mighty fine.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So, does Hot Toys sell their products directly from their site or do you have to buy them from other sellers? If so, what sellers ship to the US? Thanks.

  1. Shaun says:

    Hi from what I understand, the official distributor closest to the US is, do check them out, they've just posted Jor-El up for pre-order. Hope it helps.

  1. Locksley says:

    Hi Shaun, it's Locksley (House of Duke blog), sorry for not keeping in touch for so long but I haven't disappeared, in fact I've been running a Clark Kent/Superman related journal at for about two months now. :) I'll be making an update in my doll/figure blog soon, too.

    Btw, I took pics of my HOT TOYS Clark Kent figure, you can see them at my Superman blog. There's a link to the right post in my newest entry, if you're interested.

    When I saw these new HOT TOYS pictures at the SupermanHomepage, I KNEW you'll post them in your blog, hehe, and I finally stopped by again. So sorry again for not coming over sooner! Eeeep. I'll have to catch up on all your posts now. Lots of stuff to read.

    And wow, how cool are the new figures? I love the new Superman sculpt. I hope the paintjob is as good as on the official pics, I know this isn't always the case and it can be so very disappointing... I take it you'll be getting them for your collection? ;) I confess I'm very interested in the Superman head, at least. Wowzers.

  1. imnewhere says:

    Yeah, and Toys2 just put up Supes for Pre-order. It's $125 (a bit higher than i thought, but still good).

  1. Kartik says:

    Finally a Jor-el...dont know whay they took so long. Hey Shaun can you do a MP-04 shootout? Need a closer look at the trailer.

  1. Shaun says:

    Kartik, do check out remy's pix here, hope it helps.

    locksley, site looks great, have subscribed to it and good to hear from you again.

    imnewhere, made your pre-orders already? I'm still undecided between one or two Supes. :(

  1. Boy those take me back in time. It's amazing how detailed they are. Great post.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the info. Now, if only they'd give us an official release date.

  1. Locksley says:

    Shaun, cool, glad you like my Supes blog. :)

    As for the topic at hand, I've seen the new HOT TOYS Superman on eBay already a few days ago... He's $125, I think, not that bad but I kind of thought they'll be cheaper this time around. *laugh*

  1. Shaun says:

    I think that's pretty much the price he goes for this time round locksley. We have to pay around S$200 for this figure, quite painful.