More Superman Returns Figures From Hot Toys

Posted: Monday, October 01, 2007 by Shaun in Labels: , ,

From Hot Toys September newsletter.

Let the speculation begin.

I hope they DON'T give us Lois Lane. KB was just useless in the film and shelling out S$180 and more for a figure of her doesn't make sense.

The Mattel Lois Lane does the job for me, and purchased at only S$12 is befitting of her role as an accompanying accessory to Superman.

And I hope they DON'T take the cue from their Prison Break figures, considering how easy they are to kitbash...

... and it'll be quite ridiculous paying Movie Masterpiece prices for a figure with civilian clothes.

Though it'd be the same situation if they gave us Lex, preferably in his white suit, I would be tempted to shell out the cash for a Kevin Spacey likeness.

What is a likely probability is the use of the Supes headsculpt in his space travel suit, given Hot Toys penchant for cheap and easy rehashes.

What'd I'd really want? Big Daddy Cool himself!

Till their announcement in October then...

Here's what Hot Toys have given us on the Superman Returns front so far...


Clark Kent



  1. 'm says:

    read this and thought: KB? since when was Kristin Bell in Superman??

    oh no! i'm too Heroes-obsessed.

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