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Damn, SGC produces the best discussion threads!

Check out this post by an NSF...

Posted by Takuya87

"After 2 weeks of BMT, I requested for a phycharist because I am afriad I can't cope because I have these problems since young, and my platoon mates are starting to get annoyed because of my defects. So now I am currently warded to SAF Ward and I have no idea what is going on except that the MO said I would be OOC for the moment, and I am not allowed to book in.
And they photocopied all my educational certs and requested for my parents to come down on Monday.

Firstly, my body got coordination problem, I cannot do well when the movement is too complicated, example I cannot skip, cause' you need to swing the rope and jump in synch, I cannot do it properly, another example is Standing Board Jump, I cannot swing and carry the force of the swing and jump, I swing already then jump, its like not swinging at all.

Secondly, I am a super blur king, do you know got a few times, I wear my shirt wrong side then ran down to fall in, and the other time I took another person's towel used for 3 days then realized its not mine, that guy even wrote his name on it.

Thirdly, I tend to force myself to vomit when I smell or see disgusting stuff like if you talk to me, you stand too close I can feel your breathe, I will walk to a side and force myself to vomit, or when going to toilet, you know the smell.

Fourly, I have problem communicating with people, like I won't talk to you unless you talk to me first, example if I find a suitable job for myself, I don't have the guts to call up the person for enquiries.

Fifth, I am CRAZY perfectionist, example I clear windows in a square motion, and must be square motion, if I screw up, I will wash the towel and re - clean again and again till I think its perfect.

One more thing, my hands on sucks, do you know I only learned how to tie my shoelace when I was Secondary One, and until now I can't do it properly, I can't even fold blanklet or clothes...

So what will likely happen to me?"

...and some replies from forumners which I've picked out.

"No offense, but i find it very hard to believe that you actually have those problems... you actually sound like a retard, but in actual fact i believe you aren't one..."

gothic_macabre said:
"I have seen more blur recruits than u. I had a plt mate who is so blur that he shot his sect-com who is standing in front of him during outfield. And the whole plt can swear for him that he didnt do it on purpose."

I think the following member raised the most salient point.
Impulse Force said:
"Coordination problem? You can type on the qwerty keyboard! ZOMG! A miracle! Cheers, fellow SGC mates!"

Then he gets dissed by a girl!
marvel_gurl said:
"Hey, my bf is in bmt for 3mths like you before..He even fell sick every wkend yet he continues to book in. I can tell you..He never report sick at all even though he has high fever of 40 degrees. Like you, he dislikes NS also..everytime i can hear him complain abt NS, sayin how much he wants to leave NS. Many ppl also wan to siam NS. But it's a fact that you have to do NS. Every guy has to serve NS. I admit i din serve NS so i dunno wat's it's really like in there but i understand wat u guys went through as my bf and bro both went thru the same life as you."

But as fate would've had it, he gets his way!

Takuya87 said:
"Case closed, MO say dangerous for me to remain as I am coz of my coordination problems, so I downgrade to pes e. But try to push me to C.

And lastly, I just told the doctor what I feel is wrong with me, the rest I don't care. If I wanted to keng, I would have told the doctor that I saw ghost when he asked me that."

But IIRC, isn't PES E a temporary downgrade?



  1. Kenny says:

    What a cock. His greatest achievement must be becoming SGC's most hated member overnight.

  1. Shaun says:

    what was amazing is that he freely admitted online that he was trying to keng. Reason enough for him to be 'promoted' from Pes 'E' to 'C', no?

  1. Laurens says:

    chao keng ah!
    chao keng ah!
    chao keng chao keng HEY!