Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Jack Sparrow Review

Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2007 by Shaun in Labels: ,

I'd toyed with the idea of picking up Medicom's Jack Sparrow for quite abit after At World's End...

It was a decent trilogy, not bad for a show which originated from a Disney ride, and Johnny Depp was cool (for me) since What's Eating Gibert Grape and Edward Scissorhands.

Heck the man even got to play Willy WankerWonka!

I'd missed out on the pre-order earlier this year and my toy collecting mantra of "He who hesitates, masturbates" almost materialised for me.

Thankfully, my brudders from the hangar (I'm plugging them till kingdom come or till any of you so-called speciality stores {triple alliteration!} start learning to treat customers right) managed to snag this bloddy pirate for me.

I've to admit that my collection's never been big on Hot Toys Movie Masterpieces, having picked up only Superman, Clark Kent and the Endoskeleton. However, I've picked up enough loose Hot Toys bodies for kitbashes to understand how wonderfully poseable the Generation Life body is.

Head Sculpt
Contrary to the photos I've seen of his serious expression, Jack looks drunk and crossed-eyed, rather than the serious pirate who's closing in on some first-class booty bounty. Then again I might have done a shitty job with the lighting. I prefer Hot Toys' take on this than Medicom's stylised version.

I appreciate the details the guys from Hot Toys put into the face sculpt. There's a nick on his jaw and a pimple on his chin. The eye shadow's not laid on overly thick and the dreadlocks look really good on the figure. The amount of detail on the trinkets is another highlight of the sculpt.

I didn't watch the Pirates Trilogy over and over again, so I can't comment on the colour accuracy of the costume.

What I can say however, is that once again, Hot Toy's tailoring and attention to detail really stand out.

The fabric used seems able to withstand rough handling, but you won't want to really do that with this fig would you?

The jacket has plastic wires at the bottom seams, which allow you to decide how the jacket flows.

The belt and belt loops are pretty tough, which is important if you're gonna be removing the belt to place the numerous accessories on.

The boots are made of hard plastic and it won't be easy getting them off Jack.


The body used for Jack is the Hot Toys Generation Life Body.

To get a better idea of the articulation of this body, check out naked pix here.


Jack comes with a pistol, sword, a bottle of rum, a set of keys, a compass, some animals claw, some really ghey beads and what looks like sculpted fur. The last five items go on his belt.

Parting Shot

I've had him for two hours and I must say that like other Hot Toys Movie Masterpieces Which I've purchased, Jack doesn't disappoint.

If you're gonna get just one toy from the Pirates trilogy, don't waste your money on Zizzle (or whatever the brand's name is, its so lame I can't be bothered to Google it.) and NECA (woo hoo! so gonna get dissed for this. Bring it.), just pick this up. You'll be a happy camper. Seriously.



  1. Kenny says:

    Wowee, thanks for the review.

  1. neoconvoy says:

    why cant u pose the belt in a less compromising position ??

  1. sket says:

    great review shaun, and plenty of pictures for scrutiny ....

  1. Shaun says:

    Kenny said...
    Wowee, thanks for the review.

    sket said...
    great review shaun, and plenty of pictures for scrutiny ....

    glad it was useful guys :)

    neoconvoy said...
    why cant u pose the belt in a less compromising position ??

    there u go again looking at male groins!

  1. An excellent review and a great-looking series of pictures. I see that my 12" Pro Bro is starting to show off more pictures of his figures! Well Done!
    From your pictures, it is definitely worth the price tag! But a tad too much for me to handle!

  1. Shaun says:

    My pix still CMI lah pro bro, need to experiment properly, haven't had much time to do so.

  1. swftoys says:

    Great review, Shaun! Just picked up mine from TFH today. Oh no, the drunken sleepy face.

  1. Shaun says:

    thanks Vince, glad u liked it. Really envy your proximity to hangar! great posts on taiwan btw!

  1. eddie. says:

    I saw this figure today and boy, is it amazing for a figure! Looked more like a statue!

    I did notice something though: of the 4 I saw (displayed), each one showed different levels of drunken-ness. One looked normal, two of them seemed more sleepy than drunk, the last one was drunk. But the one you have seems more drunk than the 4 I saw, especially the eyes - it seems more crossed.

    Don't take my word for it though because it is hard to really tell unless they're all side-by-side (all 4 I saw were in different shops). To top it off, I had a splitting headache...

  1. Shaun says:

    that's a damn funny story ed :lol!

    you might've just discovered the various jack sparrow variants there! :) did you see them in Blister?

    for all you know, the painters may have just decided to have some fun on the JS figures they were tasked to complete.

  1. eddie. says:

    ... ain't no story... (-_-)

  1. eddie. says:

    saw them in diff shops: 3 shops in akihabara, and Yamashiroya in Ueno

  1. Shaun says:

    bro for the record I never doubted your account :)