Posted: Sunday, June 03, 2007 by Shaun in Labels:

Quite frankly, this is a figure no SPAWN fan should be without.

I think I sold the last of my SPAWN figs about four years back. They were, and still are, great to look at, but took up too much space on the shelf and weren't, and still aren't, big on articulation.

This figure's a different beast altogether. Al Simmon's always been about elaborate, flowy capes and this figure sure doesn't disappoint. There's bits of wire lined in the cape which allows you to set how the cape flows. Apparently, they bulked up the usual Medicom Superhero body for this figure.

For tonnes of pix of this figure in unbelievable poses, check out Edwin T's pix



  1. Kenny says:

    Spawn looks great.

    About the cape, are the wires the kind that will break if you keep twisting them?

  1. Shaun says:

    hi kenny, the wires are very thin twist ties, y'know the stuff used to secure toys to their plastic trays. heard it can be had for as low as S$220 currently, don't wait if you wanna get it. ;)

  1. Kenny says:

    Oh, those cursed twisties!

  1. eddie. says:

    Wow, Spawn looks awesome!

    As with all figures, what I'm really bummed about is they are all rather skinny. I know this is due to the standard bodies that are employed but still...

    Maybe the makers should make like 3 body sizes: S,M,L...

  1. Shaun says:

    I think they do have diff sizes, they've a body size for kids, normal slim body, muscular body and superhero body. I think Spawn's using a modified super hero body, but he's still abit to slim and short, but that's medicom's style for you.

  1. Veenza says:

    Christ ,,, wtf ,, this is the best spawn RAH i ever seen .. The cape r beautifully made .. Hey shaun , u said that some friend gave this 2 u right ?? mind if i buy it ?? heh heh just joking ........................ ( how if i double the price ?? ) haha .. no i'm serious , lol

  1. Shaun says:

    hi veenza, thanks for dropping by. Not intending to sell it anytime soon, but here's a link to purchase it.