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Medicom Mailaway Spiderman 3 Peter Parker

Thanks to century saviour for the heads up.

Think the likeness is pretty decent. Given Medicom's penchant to stinge on accessories, it's unlikely they'll throw in a camera for Pete.

Thankfully I managed to snag a spare camera from my earlier Peter Parker kitbash.



  1. Julie says:,,70141-1262041-3,00.html

    There are six figures - including Tony Blair and Darth Vader.

    Love your blog!

  1. thanks for dropping by, commenting and that link, Julie. The Tony Blair headsculpt looks real dodgy. Actually saw the Bush figure in the list on page 4 at my local flea market last weekend, it was going for about S$80. (bout 26 pounds?) Hope the person who bought it used if for some mischief, along the lines of this.

    Oh you haven't seen a decent vader toy till you've seen the one in this strip

  1. Kenny says:

    I can't help but notice that in the second photo of your kitbash Parker, his zipper seems to be down.

    Oh and the mailaway Parker is fantastic. Fringe seems a tad bit too long but overall, simply fantastic.

  1. ha! sharp eye there, kenny. no lah its the velcro. That's the prob with hot toys body, the waist area is a bit too wide, so usual 1/6 pants don't work that well