Billionaire Bruce

Posted: Tuesday, March 13, 2007 by Shaun in Labels: , , ,

Here's Mr Wayne showing us the money.

EDIT 10/11/08: I've kitbashed Bruce Wayne with the extra heads that came with the Hot Toys TDK figures in this post.

Might have settled on Bruce's attire and accessories once and for all.

The briefcase has actual working catches.

I was pleased to secure the suit, shirt, tie and shoes for S$25. The shoes look pretty decent to me.



  1. neoconvoy says:

    The suit looks odd at the top...
    the money came with the case ?

  1. need to adjust it more then. Yup printed double sided greenbacks

  1. eddie. says:

    Hahahaha... love the suitcase and cash.

    I was in some hobby shop today, so tempted to do a Bruce Kitbash but it's so frikkin' expensive! Some male body costs ¥1,700, grey suit ¥4,000, white shirt ¥1,000, tie ¥500, shoes (plastic) ¥300. That would have set me back close to ¥8,000!! My gf was with me at the time, no way would I have walked out of the shop alive if I even mentioned I wanted to buy to the stuff...

    Do they really cost that much?? Might as well keep 2 Batman GCs then

  1. Thanks Ed,

    Dude I did a conversion to S$...

    body - S$22
    suit - S$52
    shirt - S$13
    tie - S$6.50
    shoes - S$3.90

    ... it is bloody crazy!

    Here's the breakdown of the cost for the figure

    BBI body - S$20 (I ripped off the body from an old figure, but loose BBI bodies are generally about that price. go for a Hot Toys Asian body if you can snag that. It's very decent)
    Suit - S$25
    Suitcase - S$22

    Total about S$67 = ¥5000(?)
    W/o suitcase about = ¥3500(?)
    If you can read Chinese, here's a site I'd recommend for your kit bashing needs: