Posted: Saturday, March 24, 2007 by Shaun in Labels:


My dedicated shelf to Batman. Given Mattel's horrible distribution and my reluctance to keep hitting the toy aisles on a regular and harried pace, I won't be actively picking up 6" incarnations of Batman and his rogues gallery.



  1. 'm says:

    why didn't u place Halle Berry & Babs with the Takara Cats & Bats? they look so squashed in this shelf.

    and why is this techorati-tagged as XXX? imagine the disappointment of horny geeks when they see this post. lol.

  1. ha,'xxx' is my default template tag em, so at least I'll be searchable. no lah, forgot to change the tags for this post. Halle Berry & Babs are in this shelf cos Tak bats and cats are in a league of their own.