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Wonder Woman Kit Bash


Well, the movie's in production hell and DC Direct haven't announced her 13" fig and the only version I've got of good ol Di in 1/6 scale is Barbie's version, as seen here with Barbie Supergirl and Hot Toys Supes...

Now the problem with this figure is that its elbows and knees range of articulation severly limit the poses Di can pull off. She also has permanently open palms which means all she can do is slap villains around. That isn't a bad thing, but we all know Di's not one to pull punches when the need arises. It's just the usual Barbie figure really and hence commanded a price equal to its quality.

I managed to pick up some Japanese female body from China Square Central. It looked pretty decently articulated to me, ball joint shoulders, cut biceps (uggh), double jointed elbows, mid torso joint, ball joint hips and double jointed knees. However, the skin tone cannot match Diana's dark visage, so I'll be hunting for a suitable fair skinned, long jet black haired female head. The forehead will have to be the same size though, for the tiara to fit. Her bustier doesn't fit perfectly but I'll just let that slide.

It's a work-in-progress, but at least now Di can pull off more dynamic poses.



  1. neoconvoy says:

    Now that's how I remembered Lynda Carter's WW.

    At least the head fits the body, besides the problem with the colour.
    You need to trim the side of the top, and you still need to work on the posing.

  1. what trim the blouse??? I ain't no tailor best pal. Posing?! Knockers flying at you not enough?! Demanding!

  1. Laurens says:

    the blouse looks kinda loose...LOL

  1. changed to this version already: