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Clark gets a new pair of jeans (increased mobility), Bruce gets a totally new suit, Peter gets a make-over from head to toe (check out his cool Nikes).

Thanks to my friends from The Falcon's Hangar for bringing in the clothes.

Following Liz's comment here, here's a break down of the kit bashes.

Clark Kent on Farm
1) Head from Hot Toys Clark Kent figure
2) Body from Hot Toys Generation Life Asian Body
3) White Tee from Dragon Drill Sergeant set
4) Shirt from BBI
5) Jeans from BBI
6) Shoes - Knock off Adidas Superstars from China Square Central

Bruce Wayne
1) Head from Takara Batman
2) Body from BBI Carlos figure
3) Shirt from BBI Carlos figure
4) Suit from BBI
5) Shoes from Dragon Drill Sergeant set

Peter Parker
1) Head from Medicom Spiderman
2) Body from Hot Toys Generation Life Caucasian Body
3) Turtle neck long sleeve shirt and jeans from BBI.
4) Shoes - Knock off Nikes from China Square Central.



  1. Liz says:

    Fantastic. Where did you get the clothes from? And what body are you using for Supes and Christian Bale?

  1. hey Liz, thanks for dropping by. I ordered them from my local dealer, the falcon's hangar. Most of them are from BBI which makes mostly military clothing.

  1. 'm says:

    Bruce is awesome.

    And contrary to your expectations, I'm not going to say Peter is ghey. He's quite butch really.


    Now Clark looks off. Maybe specs would help?

  1. supposed to be clark on farm em, what's really off is the spitcurl. must be the nike kicks that's making pete look more manly.

  1. eddie. says:

    Bruce is looking like Bruce now with his suit. But is the suit a little too big? Seems super baggy. Or is the photo?

  1. yeah it is eddie, strange though, the clothes were meant to fit BBI figures. Will get a few more shots, later this weekend if possible

  1. neoconvoy says:

    hmm....the jacket on farmboy clark doesnt look quite he is growing boobs or's the glasses i tellz ya...he is farmboy supes rather than farmboy clark...

    and the suit also looks too big for the bruce wayne figure...

    now peter parker is the best improvement...he looks much better...i would say th head sculpt makes him looks too evil..

  1. still can't get a proper jacket lah best pal.

    ya bruce wayne's suit would better fit a hot toys gl body I think.

    Peter is just off cos he's in medi's anime style.