Posted: Saturday, February 17, 2007 by Shaun in Labels:

Bruce Wayne - Once More With Briefcase

Maybe he looks better with the stand? Pants still too long though. Briefcase idea from Venny of MediWorld. Thanks man!



  1. eddie. says:

    I think I'm gonna keep a Takara Batman and also attempt a Bruce kitbash!

    btw, I accidently deleted your comment on my site while trying to move it to another post. Doh! Sorry...

  1. heh no worries eddie, yup, i think you really should keep one Takara batman for yourself. Its a damn brilliant figure on its own already.

  1. eddie. says:

    I've seen some guys with Bruce Kitbashes and their suits fit perfectly (rather slick too). ANy idea what body and lclothign they maybe?

  1. no idea bout the clothes, they look awesome man! the body however, looks suspiciously like a hot toys asian body.

  1. Laurens says:

    looks real chic my brudder

  1. wait got new suit for him, will take photos later.