DC Direct 13 Inch Hal Jordan Green Lantern

Posted: Monday, January 15, 2007 by Shaun in Labels: ,

In brightest day, in blackest night,
no evil shall escape my sight!
Let those who worship evil's might,
beware my power.. Green Lantern's light!

And Hal Jordan has touched down...

Many thanks to Joseph Tsai of http://tokyohunter.blogspot.com for his helpful, trustworthy and extremely efficient service in assisting me in procuring a toy which I had missed almost one year ago. Seeing Hal Jordan line up with his league members is just undescribable joy. Joseph, you rock!



  1. That. is so. way cool.
    Green Lantern rocks!

  1. neoconvoy says:

    So finally you can sleep peacefully, and we can have some peace from your constant bitching about the missing piece..hahaha...

    Btw, the face sculpt makes him look constipated. And notice that their arms are permanently stuck in that wide stance.

  1. ed, its pretty fun how the mask attaches on, you have to come over sometime.

    best pal, what bitching!?

    Yah, the overgrown lats are quite amazing. Hey, these aren't Medi's lah, be gentle on them

  1. 'm says:

    awesome! might be the best of the lot.

  1. swftoys says:

    dude! i like the face actually. it looks great! nice collection you have there!