DC Direct 13 Inch Green Lantern Review

Posted: Friday, January 19, 2007 by Shaun in Labels: , , , ,

EDITED on 24/10/2008: Pix of Green Lantern Corps figure are now available.

Released almost a year ago, it was a hard-fought battle bringing this back to SHAFT.

In the flurry of working to launch this site, I'd somehow decided to skip this figure, thinking that I'd just keep to collecting only Supes in 1/6 scale.
At that time no confirmed news on whether the rest of the League was planned, so while I liked Hal Jordan, there wasn't any pressing need to pick him up.
I didn't expect 2006 to be the year where I would delve more heavily in 1/6 scale figures.
Announcements of Flash, Shazam, Martian Manhunter came thick and fast. Slowly the idea of having the League assembled in its 13" glory on SHAFT's shelves became a very tempting prospect indeed.
Hunting locally provided no relief and even so, news of an improved Superman being reissued made me wonder whether I should hold on for a reissued Hal as well.
In December, Vincent (whom ironically, I had come to know in the course of my work on this site) told me he'd seen it during his trip to Japan. I discovered Joseph's site, and as they say, the rest is history.

One of the more attractive designs in DCD's 13" line-up, and Hal sports more attractive poses when compared to what came before.

Face Sculpt
Similiar to Superman, we get craggly character lines with Hal. As a fan of Alex Ross's art, where our favourite Leaguers are portrayed as more mature, I personally like it. (yes, Best Pal, I know you find it constipated.)

His eye mask fits well, resting on the nose bridge and filling out the groves in the eye cavity, but it's not extremely tight, so I won't be swinging Hal around much anytime soon.

The costume seems to be made from the same material as Supes's, which means it very susceptible to thread runs. Perhaps the same material was used to achieve a gloss sheen on the costume. Superman Returns used a stronger fabric, and so did Batman, so here's hoping Flash follows suit.

Same body as Supes, so here's Supes modelling DC Direct's 13" Male Superhero Body.

DC Direct should really consider looking at a ball-jointed wrist. The current wrist joint hampers a very important pose which I will elaborate on later.

The bendy hand is not as flexible as it should be cos its nearly impossible to get the pinky finger in line for a convincing grip. Worse, paint just keeps flaking off everytime the fingers are bent.

Arguably, the coolest accessory in the 13" line, presenting...

The Power Battery

My only problem with this is that while the Power Battery is nicely done, it would look perfect if the seamlines were hidden. It looks rather rough now.


The really sad thing is that Hal cannot pull off the most iconic pose associated with the Green Lantern Corps, the recharging of the Power Ring.

If DCD Direct fixed the problem with the wrist and bendy fingers, Hal's pose would look more awe-inspiring than apprehensive.

Parting Shot

Green Lantern could've been a really good figure, if DC Direct had put more thought into their 13" figures' articulation. Recommended if you want an iconic Hal Jordan Green Lantern figure which looks great on your shelf, and perfect with the league assembled.

With his 4 & 6" counterparts

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  1. neoconvoy says:

    The colour of the outfit looks shinny, but I saw on another gallery it is flat. Is it the camera ?

    And bendy fingers ? Didnt realise they were used on DC13". They should have moulded in white colour instead of painting over it.

    You can change the battery to the Power Battery ?

    Is he just excited to have the Power Battery ?

    Gay Latern ??? (Sorry to those who do not find this funny)

  1. I've increased the exposure, but this is how it looks under fluorescent lighting.

    Bendy fingers been there since BB leh. However, there's another school of thought that casting in the same colour makes it look cheap. They had to match the gloss of the glove to the gauntlet lah.

    Stop looking at Hal's crotch best pal

  1. neoconvoy says:

    ok...so it is a flat colour, instead of disco-Hal ?

    Oh, didnt realise it. Yah, I read about these concerns of matching colours. So it's just lesser of 2 evils.

    Stop taking pictures of figures' crotch !!!

  1. 'm says:

    i love the group shot!

    shaft should have a travelling exhibition one day.