Posted: Saturday, January 27, 2007 by Shaun in Labels: , ,

Bruce Wayne Kit Bash Part 2

The initial attempt with a BBI military body made the figure look overly bulky and the arms were rather simian on the figure. I attempted using a leaner BBI body for Bruce Wayne and added a belt. The clothes seem to fit better, especially at the cuffs, and proportion looks better overall.

Version 2 on the left



  1. eddie. says:

    Hey that looks pretty cool

  1. thanks man, noticed you've CG Batman up for sale at your site, props to you!

  1. eddie. says:

    Hahahaha... yeah, its a good figure therefore lots of people are trying to get their hands on one. Btw, my hometown is Liverpool ;)

  1. hey eddie, that's so cool! You're a Liverpudlian working in Japan! Errm, do you support the Toffees? Derby match this Sat, gonna be brutal!

  1. swftoys says:

    Nice custom you have here, shaun! The takara headsculpt is good yea?

  1. hey vincent, I think you should attempt one too, don't let the bruce wayne head go to waste.