Posted: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 by Shaun in

Boys in Black



  1. neoconvoy says:

    wtf !!! that's it ???

    now show us the Girls in Skin !!

  1. here are some results you might be interesting you dirty man:

  1. UltraVinz says:


    do u hav problems of medicom costume crackin' up & peel? I dun dare to buy figs with PU Leather costumes 'coz of dat...

  1. hey there, not yet, as I recently acquired my medis. But in Singapore's / tropical climate, I think its a very likely possibility. I'd a CY Girl with an outfit made of similiar material to Medi Wolvie. The outfit disintegrated after five years.

  1. UltraVinz says:

    Do u noe of anyway to prevent it from happening?

  1. Not in our weather, really. Its a shame cos these are really ex figures and the only way to prolong their life is to leave them in their packages. Think carefully about whether you really want to drop money for figures whose costumes won't stand the test of time. I personally practice rotating my displays, in the hope that in won't be a futile attempt. Hey if you're interested in medis, do join the discussion at, a message board dedicated to medi figures.