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Posted: Saturday, December 23, 2006 by Shaun in Labels: , , ,

Finally! After an agonizing three month wait, this Japan mail order figure finally claims his place in SHAFT's shelves.


A repeat of Medicom Superman's, without the window flap.

The funny thing about this pix is that it shows you what this Clark Kent can't do.


Seems like an awesome likeness to Brandon Routh to me. I probably won't stop raving about this for quite awhile. The face sculpt really surpassed the solicit photos.

Here's Clark with his heroic persona.


Hot Toys


Tailoring is top notch throughout, but i would've liked the jacket to be more form fitting.

The glasses are removable but very fragile so please exercise extreme care and caution when trying to get them off.


Hey, its Medicom.

IMPT DISCLAIMER: Medicom Clark Kent does NOT come with his Superman costume. Mattel Ken Superman's outfit was used to obtain most of the following photos.

The Reason I Need this Figure

Yup, Clark's here to pull the next two photos off.

Parting Shot

You've got Medi Supes? Then this is a must. Pity about the lack of the costume though. If you've Hot Toy's version, then shoot for their accompanying Clark Kent, simply for its additional accessories.



  1. neoconvoy says:

    Did Superman Returns CK have a hat like in the original Superman movies ?

    Medicom sucks at accessories, and also the high price points. But got to give them credit for coming out with movie licenses stuff.

    I just hope they do not overkill themselves with more stuff than they can handle.

    Great haul by the way. I was too late, if not CK would be sitting with me now....bwahahahahaha....

    Oh, and Alex and Cal were there talking about you as well. Seems that you were once their besta SW customer.

  1. i can't recall him wearing a hat in the movie, only a trench coat.

    their movie licence figs are quite hit and miss, with star wars being the only strong performer.

    is cal still going back to japan?

  1. swftoys says:

    superb photos! medicom's clark has a good headsculpt! if only their superman is based on it.

  1. 'm says:

    Wah, congrats man! You've been waiting forever and a day.

    Hope this is the start of many good things ahead.


  1. neoconvoy says:

    he is going back after xmas.

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