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9 November 2006

I received a call from Janice, who's quite possibly the most helpful staff at Gramophone Capitol.

She told me that Smallville Season 5 would finally reach their warehouse on Thursday and would be released in +/- 3 days.

About Bloody Time!

But the real shocker was about to follow.

Based on the shipment list, the following discs were also scheduled to arrive:

Superman Returns 2 Disc Special Edition

Superman Returns Widescreen

Superman: The Movie (Four-Disc Collector's Edition)

Superman II (Two-Disc Special Edition)

Superman III & IV (2006 edition)

Superman II - The Richard Donner Cut (2006)

It's quite amazing that we are receiving it about 3 weeks before the official US release date.

Let's hope we really get it on hand, and there isn't going to be any embargoes till 28 November 2006.