DC Direct Doomsday

Posted: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 by Shaun in Labels: ,

He killed Superman...

When DC offed Supes, I was quite sad. I think Lois & Clark was running on TV then. When they resurrected him, I was rather pissed they did a Marvel.

While it introduced some decent characters, the story arc ranks among one of the worse in Supes mythology, IMHO.

Here's the creature who sent Superman to kingdom come (for 12 months). Looks the part and the bony protrustions have sort of a morbid appeal to them.

He could be bigger scale-wise, but his 2006 DC Superheroes incarnation takes the cake.

As mentioned in the last post, he was one of the peg warmers from this line, at least from my local comic shop (LCS). It seems he's still available on DC's site as well. Amazing.

Purchased for S$25 from G&B in 2003.