DC Direct 13 Inch Batman Review

Posted: Sunday, October 08, 2006 by Shaun in Labels: , ,

As DC Direct's 13" take on Batman Begins was a total f@#$ up, you can understand fans' concerns of them getting their hands on the Dark Knight again.


Dynamic image on the cover, though I'd personally prefer Bats in a cooler pose.


The last Batarang on the right folds into half and the other batarangs look rather unwieldly.

Figure & Costume

It's the usual 13" body, nothing's changed here. All the right shoulder joints on each of my 13" figures are very stiff, and I wonder if its a common malaise? Give us a shout out if your figure's plagued by this as well.

The material used for the costume is of the same quality as that of the Superman Returns figure, which means its slightly more durable than comic Superman's.

The pleather cape probably contributed to the higher price point. It would have been nice if the cape had wires though.

Face Sculpt

Face sculpt's not bad and paint application's even, thank goodness for this. I wonder why the eyes are painted in silver though.


While its 28 points of articulation aren't much to shout about as compared to other 1/6 scale figures, it is sufficient to pull off a variety of poses.

Parting Shot

I cannot help but feel that this figure was heavily influenced by Alex Ross's interpretation.

I'd always wanted a good comic version Batman to pose next to Takara's Catwoman, but Bats' frame makes Cats look barely legal.

It isn't that obvious when he's re-enacting scenes from Hush though.

Of course, there's no way he's gonna compare with a figure almost thrice its cost, but for the record, here he is with Takara Bats.

And with his world finest companion.

If you're a tad interested in the DC Trinity, you'd do well to pick this up, considering Comic Superman and Wonder Woman are gonna be released in 2007. This ain't too bad if you're a Batman fan.



  1. neoconvoy says:

    DCD should have thrown away the other batarangs and threw in a grappling hook instead.

    And what's the difference bewteen the blue costume and the grey one ?
    Hush was the blue costume iirc.

    Oh, by the way accessories has 2 "c"s.

  1. yeah the other batarangs look really useless. I think hush's cowl, gloves, undies and boots were blue, while this is black?

    Thanks for pointing that our, best pal, amended.

  1. 'm says:

    Bats' frame makes Cats look barely legal

    I thought it made Cats look like the latest Batgirl. The scary, silent, slip of a girl.

  1. swftoys says:

    DC Direct seems to have knack of producing 13" guys. For once DC Supe does not look too tall! This comic version bats look really good!