Posted: Tuesday, September 26, 2006 by Shaun in

Stuff I picked up in Thailand (Part 1)

I was in Thailand the weekend of the coup and really enjoyed shopping there.

Wife noticed I wasn't really keen on getting anything on the first day, and suggested I pick this up at Suan Lum night market for S$8.

In a nostalgic ah beng moment, I picked up this wallet for S$15 at Mahboonkrong.

One of my favourite purchases has got to be this bag from Chatuchak for S$8.

It was alright when we were there and I hope potential tourists will be encouraged to visit the land of smiles.



  1. jes says:

    you bought so many things!! thats a lot of shirts!! and the bag is really childish, please dont wear/carry everything superman (ie, underwear, waller, phone pouch, shirt and now bag) out at the same time ok?? please??

  1. I'm gonna give you a headlock and body press slam when you get back.

    Did that already. Have to market my own merchandise to fill the coffers.

    Tried the same thing with Adidas (tee, shorts, socks, shoes and bag) and every five minutes people stopped me and asked how much my sponsorship deal was worth.

    Vultures all of them.